Download Free Software!

I have written some software that is very helpful for managing notes and constructing automatically numbered outlines in Microsoft Word. I have provided complete documentation for how to install and run these. Feel free to peruse the documentation and then download the software if you are interested.

System Requirements: Microsoft Word Version 6.0 or later (Macintosh or PC)

The file is in .ZIP format, so you'll need to have an unzipping program (such as JustZIPit) on your PC  in order to extract the files from the zipped archive. If you are a Mac user you can unzip the file using a program such as StuffIt Expander. (Of course, if you already have these utilities there is no need to download them again.)

Click here to view the documentation for the "TAGS" note management macro.

Click here to view the documentation for the "Outline" templates.

Click here to download the zipped (.ZIP) archive containing the macro and templates (PC or Mac users).